19 – 21 July 2023 (Wed – Fri)
China National Convention Center (CNCC)
Beijing, China

Captivate Audiences With Unique and Boundless Experiences

As with every facet of everyday life, today’s audiences are constantly expecting to be wowed in new and exciting ways. For media and events professionals, this presents an opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity with the help of modern AV solutions.

Be a part of the largest community of Pro-AV professionals and see firsthand the sophisticated AV technologies that transform any event and piece of media into an experience worth remembering.

AV Technology Applications That Open New Possibilities

From event venues to live performances, audiences expect to be wowed and captivated. Luckily, the future is looking bright for the entertainment industry, with today’s range of innovative AV solutions that are pushing the envelope in creative ways to leave audiences wanting more. Be among the largest community of Pro-AV professionals and gain the latest insights into the groundbreaking AV technologies redefining the media and entertainment business.

Projection Mapping

Breathe new life to performances and stories with mind-bending visuals made possible by projection mapping. 

3D & Visualisation

Engross audiences to the story and keep them glued from start to end by giving them dynamic special effects experiences with 3D & visualization technology. 


Provide audiences with new levels of immersive experiences by fusing real and virtual worlds in delivering content

Distributed Audio & Video Systems

Ensure the quality and seamless flow of audio and video transmissions that are crucial to flawless performance and live event execution. 


Set the right mood to convey your message and enhance your audience with professional lighting.


Learning Opportunities for Media & Events Professionals

Pre-Show Webinars


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Beijing InfoComm China Summit

Customized sessions at the Summit cater to a diverse range of different learning needs, from understanding high-level strategic thinking to industry and technology-focused sessions.

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Exhibitors With Media & Events Industry Applications

Come and explore the latest in AV technology

Explore the best in class Pro-AV technologies that will take you to new professional heights.